The people behind Community Fusion


Jenna Boyson

CEO & Co-Founder

Jenna is the CEO and Co-Founder of Community Fusion. She's always busy cooking up something new for the charity and is extremely passionate about the cause.

Lauren Marshall


The second half of the dynamic duo who founded the charity. Lauren now sits back being a mum and wife, as well as working part time within a school. Lauren is always on hand to help make decisions and support the direction of new activities the charity takes on.


Jo Eyre

Trustee & Web Designer

A loyal quiz master for the charity and our web designer. Jo runs Starboard Media as well as the popular PF Meet and Pub Hack. SHe also does many of our photos and video/video editing for our projects.

Simon Shorten


Our longest standing trustee who started out with the charity running My City Access; a web building project we ran in 2012. He now enjoys supporting our activites and is Jenna's first go to guy! Simon runs his own web design business Seventy 1st Design.

Geoff Priestley


The man with many hats! Geoff supports with the behind the scenes businessy bits! He also supports the 'Made with Hartt Market' and any music events the charity puts on. His day job is to manage the famous Wedgewood Rooms and is part of a great team setting up new events for the city.

Andy Brown

Chair of Trustee

Andy came on board in 2014 to head up the board of trustees. His profession is within proof reading so get in touch if you need it! Andy also has many years of experience in the charity world, as a magistrate and at Portsmouth University's Student Union.