About Community Fusion

Aiming to inspire and encourage young adults and community members to make positive changes in their lives through volunteering projects.

Community Fusion was founded in 2011 by Jenna Boyson and Lauren Marshall who share the passion to work with the community to enhance skills and enable opportunity.

We want to be directed by our volunteers, sharing ideas, working together to build on experiences and making sure each activity is fun. We work with other organisations and community groups to run one off projects in many areas including conservation, art, craft, retail and events. We work to teach and advise on the social impact volunteering can bring to communities as well as working with groups and organisations to plan, manage and run community activities. We believe in second chances and do not rule out working on a challenge, in-fact we thrive on it!

What we do

1 Help Young People Build Skills

If you’re between 14-25 you could volunteer to work on some of our awesome events. Here are some of the events you could get involved with:

  • Southsea Fest
  • Made with Hartt Market
  • Fareham Triathlon

2 Run Events

At Community Fusion we create and run our own events, as well as organising projects which our volunteers get to work on. Some of the projects we’ve got happening:

  • Charity Quiz Night
  • Made with Hartt
  • Cycle Fusion
Upcoming Events

3 Create Opportunities

We look to build links with local businesses and organisations who can benefit from our volunteer bank. Here are some ways we can help your business:

  • Improve on your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Engage your team members into community volunteer projects
  • Work with and support your team to raise money for chosen causes
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